Tuesday, 27 March 2012

I'm tickled pink!

I have just received news that my last pup is due to graduate in April as a CVC dog.
Canine Vision.
He is already fully qualified and the "head of the pack".  
He will be a seeing-eye dog                                and I am sure  magnificent !
4th foster dog as a wee pup

same pup-home  Christmas 2011
already started training

They are fine tuning his skills as he waits for his "person". The match will have to be made soon as they must work together for about 3 weeks in the training facility before heading home.
Mistly       agh     [ error ]        I meant to say mostly.           but there is mist in my eyes.
oh dear, my mind got so caught up on "misty eyes" that I forgot what i was going to write

The emotion that yet another person will have guiding eyes, a companion, a friend and an escort, sometimes overwhelms me when I least expect it.  I do adore these pups.
I honour their courage -do I want to say "someone with a disability"?-
I do not.
They have courage I will never have.
Determination.            Confidence.            Trust.            Inner strength.                  Faith.
To walk a busy,crowded, noisy city and to trust your dog will guide you safely.
To know you have seizures that could occur at any time and pup will stay with you until you recover. You will never be unconscious and alone.
To know your working dog will hear the fire alarm and alert you &  guide you to a safe place.
To know that when you are in your wheelchair and have dropped your house keys, your dog will find them up and place them in your lap. You can get inside without calling someone.  or pup will pick up your cell phone so you can make a call.
To know that as a parent with an autistic child, this special pup will help you watch, monitor and give companionship to keep your child safe as possible.

My first dog will be 6 years old this summer.  We chat on the phone monthly.
Well, the client and I chat!
Pup is smart-knows parts of 3 languages-but making phone calls has so far eluded him.
I think it's just that the long-distance area code has him flummoxed!
She has told me sometimes she gets really nervous & there is not always a recognisable known cause, it burbles up inside her.  Pup know this and sits close.
He pushes his body against her knees.  rests his head on her lap.
Her fingers  repeatedly wind their way from his ears down his back,over and over feeling his soft fur.
He sighs in pleasure. He watches her and as she relaxes, He settles.
They can then sit in quiet companionship.  She tells me this and I listen.    I listen hard.

I have teary eyes for two reasons.
First for the pup that will graduate soon and my anticipation of who his client will be
*a university student? who has exciting plans to live in residence
*a dad who works everyday? and uses a busy transit system
*someone who is having their seeing eye dog retire and is experienced in helping this new pup learn his role?
*a teenager who will now have more independence?
and also for the pup I have now (aka Pipsqueak) who actually could be re-called within the month (however I have been promised it won't be until he is closer to 11 months old), and how I will miss this boy.    I say "promises"? and think of George Carlin  lol
I always cry a little ahead of time, I'm usually fine until someone asks me a lot of questions. Like today................and the sunglasses are never far away
 I do miss them.  terribly

I have requested another black lab. (originally it was for a yellow lab as they photograph better-but I now have a serious fondness for the black lab)

Tonight we went to a 2 hour community meeting. It was our first lengthy function.
It was crowded and the 2 elderly ladies sitting beside us stared at him until their eyeballs popped out (honest) and he started barking at them. I requested they not stare at him and their heads swiveled away to the right at the same time. (kinda funny)
avoid direct purposeful eye contact with a dog, it is considered a challenge to them.
Pup settled after 1/2 hour  (it felt like AGES and AGES for me) but then spent the next 11/2 hours totally asleep (and he didn't even snore this time !). We left quickly with no "pee' accidents and he ignored everyone as we were leaving.

He is now sound asleep-a job well done pup!

........am now thinking how I can improve my puppy training skills.

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