Friday, 30 March 2012


Today we went downtown to pick up a new coffee roaster for our son.(birthday coming up!). Maybe should have bought some green beans for him-but better he make his own choices.
I was interested in taking the subway but someone (spouse) chickened out and instead drove the car.  Actually it wasn't any busier than uptown, but lots of different smells. Outwardly pipsqueak was well behaved and very calm
he had 3 unexpected poops on the sidewalk. I am sure that was nerves.
A little lovin' and a walk through the calm university green space settled him.
Close-ups of all the pigeons didn't cause too much of a distraction. Well to be truthful he was veering off the sidewalk, but re-couped quickly at a soft command to "leave it".
It was cold. and got colder. Downtown wind is dedicated in chilling me to the bone.
At least it wasn't too hot-then pup and I would have been dragging our bums.
We walked a long way south then scooped our way in and out through university buildings as we came north.
I look forward to better weather !  (warmth,sun, gentle breezes) and repeating this walk in the next few weeks. The people are interesting to watch. Downtown is so much more vibrant. It's alive.
Now, today, right now. we are waiting for snow. Crazy temps this past week as it was up in the high 20's  and presently slightly above freezing. We have taken our snow tires off both cars and maybe too soon. But the tulips,daffy'dils and forsythia were all in bloom (along with my apricot tree) -ah, but pup will get a final sweet roll in the cold white stuff.  maybe even a few snow balls, now that will be fun!

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