Tuesday, 28 February 2012

itching for a "weather bomb"

Apparently we have "weather" on the way, sadly it won't be a "weather-bomb" or a nor'easter,but maybe my snow tires will come in handy.
A few weeks ago we had a promised weather situation on the way. I had worked night shift and it was nice to watch the snow fall overnight. It felt snug inside. I do anticipate "winter" weather and though it was very quiet in the parking lot when I left just after 0700 it wasn't that much on the ground.  Still, I was happy to go for a long walk, which I did with pup when I got home.

But it was hardly a storm (our weather people are dropping the proverbial snowball & there's been a lot of dropping it this winter.)   lol

I have an unspoken deal with my husband so he gets a bit of a break from the morning "dog duty", when I work nights. I am weary when I get home but a morning walk is truly satisfying, for me it's a time of quiet before the city wakes shakes it's self into alertness.
a combination of PB and liver sprinkles
heaven for pup!
"made" ahead of time and put in the freezer
this allows a good chew and quiet time 

not sure why I took this photo by the door
maybe for for better light. My cell phone, while
handy has no flash.

                                                               let it snow!

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