Sunday, 8 January 2012

it was finally my turn

This past year was full of various injuries for friends and co-workers. Fractured shoulders,knee injuries,multiple ankle injuries,broken jaws and missing teeth,head injuries and so on....
Today it was my turn.
Pup was escaping into the living room sliding past the metal swingdoor dog gate to eat the cat food. The cat,myself the dog all were caught in a stumbling chaotic mix of confusion as I attempted to stop the glutony.
The heavy black iron gate slammed into my right foot against the door frame and crushed it on both sides.
No blood no obvious  broken bones.
I was persuaded by my husband to go to emerg. and left with 4 hours later with  a temporary posterior cast.
Tomorrow I have an appointment at the fracture clinic and after the orthopod and radiologist look at me and the X-rays I will know if there is just bruising or a multitude of tiny fractures. Whatever the result,the pain and lack of mobility has me crushed.

How do I walk pup.
stuff happens
so quickly

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