Monday, 5 December 2011

icky wet stuff

The rain has been never ending and pup doesn't like wet paws.

"He's a what"  * a lab? -don't they LOVE water?

Finally -after a weekend of treating pup for each and every paw he set in a puddle-we walked for a long time this evening with never needing to detour around that teeny tiny puddle.  It was dark with poor visibility so I have a white light on my coat and he wore a blinking red and white light on his collar. Anything to alert drivers and keep us safe.
New snow tires!
 6 years ago when we first got snow tires I would count how many cars at each stoplight would have winter tires.
 Of course I could only count those with steel rims. It used to be 2-4 cars per stoplight time.
 Then last year 5 cars per stoplight time.
What a bonus when last week (and us with no snow yet) I counted on a regular basis 10 cars with obvious winter tires,  yeah!

This pup is so good at "off" -not picking up or immediately dropping (for example) a pine cone or the never ending Tim's cups.
Counter surfing remains a big problem. Tonight  I tried a trick that  I read about at
Theotherendoftheleash website.  
 I put some of the deterrent  (like bitter apple) on a cotton ball and squeezed some into his mouth and then also sprayed the oven mitt at the edge of the counter as well as edge of the counter. The taste of the spray did NOT freak him  out. He was curious,didn't make a funny face,rolled his mouth around and life continued.
He was not disgusted.                                   Tough boy.

this information is from an otherendoftheleash reader
For those who don’t know, the “sour milk” technique is when you put the bitter apple product on a cotton ball, walk up to the dog in a neutral manner, squirt it in their mouth, and simply walk away. It’s hoped that the unexpected “YUCK!” of the product in their mouth produces the same reaction humans get after accidentally taking a drink of sour milk — for weeks later, you tend to automatically sniff the milk carefully before drinking, recalling the unexpected awful taste.

If it continues I might have to add a spot of hot pepper- I don't want to. but today he almost bopped his head with a wooden cutting board  that he pulled off and the knife was dangling on the edge. These items were placed quite far back on the kitchen counter-and he is growing bigger/taller!

A friend brought over her lab (yellow) and her son's pup (a chocolate) for play time.
The 2 dogs are are strongest/toughest/most intense roughhousers that I have ever seen.
 I was surprised my pup wasn't scared at all. Staying slightly on the periphery seemed to be his method.
He had never met the chocolate  pup before but plays/walks on a regular basis with the yellow pup
- who has also played weekly with my last 3 dogs.
They had a blast-but "grandmum" gets nervous and hates the wet so she didn't stay long.


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