Sunday, 25 December 2011

December 25,2011 *it's been lovely

We are gratified and relieved to have had a lovely day today.
Co-operative family  cooking created a superb Christmas dinner.  A just-right perfectly cooked turkey, leg of lamb with garlic and red wine, a smooth and rich gravy and our family's favourite, consistently good dressing.  And not too much dessert.  
No arguing.  The boys have now gone to visit their grandmother with after dinner coffee and a few gifts. 

This evening the younger pup was up to his counter-surfing habits. He pawed and flipped a large bowl containing one large piece of honeydew melon. The melon landed on the floor, older dog (who is supposed to be better trained!) grabbed it and ran to the front hall while he was intensely trying to swallow it whole. Pup was still in the kitchen licking the floor.  It was hilarious.  One was crated. One was reprimanded. They are now on our "ignore list" (for a little while).

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