Saturday, 31 December 2011

48 hours and counting

I just realised today is Saturday
or more accurately New Year's Eve Day & I don't think anyone actually knows it's a weekend.
"Pipsqueek" has had a wonderful 2 weeks with our 4th foster pup,who is due  back on Monday to continue his seeing-eye training. The pup has had a great role model   (I could always see the side-ways look as he copied the older dog) and an outlet for his passion for ear-chewing! Last night I curled up on the floor beside role-model  and fell asleep. He  was first curled up in the crook of my bent knees and then he moved so our heads were side by side. At least he doesn't snore like the Pipsqueak!

It's almost over for another year. Such a fuss and so many miserable people.
Betcha my spouse will spend the evening watching the Jr. World Cup in the basement
(big screen TV) and I will flip channels in the living room.                                 fun

Happy New Year
Somethings  gotta change.

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