Friday, 11 November 2011

November 11, 2011.

*Remembrance day 2011

 In memory, respect and admiration for our Military
 *past and present


We've had a wonderful few days. Pup is paying attention. watching. listening.learning.
Then this afternoon he jumped up and bit my bum!
ah, we were in the yard, doing sits and stays and downs and ups and waits
jackrabbit puppy got too excited!
We weren't out for too long. but too long for him. I will be mindful that 5 minutes at a time might be enough, 8 minutes would be stretching it!
This evening a trip to an upscale mall and a book store was a success. I need to work on just sitting on a bench and him laying down and waiting.
Patience for both of us I suppose.

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