Thursday, 24 November 2011

he's a "pawful"

Pup has learned how to shake paws-sometimes bilaterally-in 3 attempts!
he shakes mostly the left one-but can do the right as well.
sometimes if the treat is a high value it's both at the same time

but we can also call that version>>>>>jumping up on the edge of the table, onto kitchen counter,into the bin where we keep stuff supposed to be safe from a greedy boy, gripping the edge of the bathtub to snag and pierce my best shampoo (leaving that rich liquid to dribble and drool down into an empty tub)
what a dog-special skills I am now thinking.
right now we are off for a field run and this time (for the first time) we are meeting another dog-a sweet 3 year old black lab who has mentored my last 3 dogs.
The weather has been nice-but somehow the sun we were supposed to have
 RIGHT NOW, is gone
winrer coat. a scarf 'cause the wind on a hill is dowright icy  and mitt time too !!!!

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