Sunday, 30 October 2011


Pup has learned a "down".  I am pleased. Immensely pleased.
He would moan and groan and offer me a hundred different noises (they were actually quite interesting).
Jumping up was a fav response to my request for 'down".
 Never mind-he doesn't "jump", he leaps,bounds or bunny-hops-perhaps he has springs instead of those growing out-of-proportion awkard legs! A treat offered between his feet got a really fast "down" but no treat ................then  there was no "down".
Today he did it!    Four times in a row.  YES!   Good dog!

He doesn't like the frost on the grass, nor the dark nor the cold, or wind or rain.
Hate to tell him that the next 5 months may not be pretty. Maybe the snow will be fun.

We live with gut-clenching angst when we don't hear from our son for 24 hours.
I sent a text last evening with no response.  Then there was a really nice one sent to me at 3 a.m. and I saw it this morning.          It has made my day.
It's balancing how many times my spouse sends messages (way too much-which irritate my son) with my texts=once/twice a week.
Friends will watch out for him. They are emotionally super smart and well educated.
They have names and numbers to call in a crisis. Hope that never happens, but it is a clear possibility.
There is a huge respect for his privacy and his struggle to maneuver this landscape of emotion,behaviour and response.

He is a lovely young man and I would give, not just my life, not just my soul not even my last breathe to make him well, whole or peaceful -I would give up my rational mind for him to be well.......

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