Friday, 7 October 2011


This gift of pretty hot, sunny days and really cool *good for sleeping nights* is perfect for getting outside with pup. Yesterday I put a really large crate at the top of the driveway, next to the shed. Nicely protected from the sun or wind & the cars block a lot of the view of the street. We play,walk around the block,have a cool drink of water from the bucket and then pup relaxes in the crate while I do some yard work.
 I had never done this before and am really pleased with my genius! I will use it when unloading the car or like yesterday when cleaning the car. Pounds of dog hair in every crevice. Slobber from the last 2 pups in/on/around the back head rests. Kibble in cracks. Leashes scattered. Doggies bags in, under and between every door, seat or cubby.
Two years ago we needed a new car (*note: always buy a car with a timing CHAIN (not a timing belt) and decided on the Matrix. To me it's kinda "puffy" car, hate those low profile tires (am quite happy when winter comes & to get the snow tires on>softer ride) and it has the typical "lag and lurch" Toyota problem but for us it's functional with all the outings I do every week. It was buffed, vacuumed, polished and cleaned while pup watched. He also slept. It was great! 
We have a large suburban property that is not fully fenced, therefore the crate idea.
In colder weather it will be only for when I need to unlock the door and make (truth be told) the mad dash to the bathroom.

This evening he had a bit of a playtime with a friend's black lab, a walk around her neighbourhood then a 1st visit to Chapter's.
underground parking (no problem)
metal grates (easy)
automatic sliding doors (a cinch)
elevator (unfazed)
different types of flooring (a wee bit hesitant)
escalator (he sniffed the metal at the bottom-but I carried him up and down)
               (very interested)
lots of people, including kids (quite calm- a few treats kept him focused on me)

It was a great outing.

Happy Thanksgiving.

I am thankful to feel more confident in bringing these pups along in the world.
It's been a tough road the last few years.

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