Tuesday, 4 October 2011

he's brave, fearless & absolutely bitey

This new pup is a fanatical biter,chewer and gnawer of hands, feet, legs and wood.....
I'm working on remembering how to manage this little detail.

1)distraction-a toy wedged between those sharp teeth
2)sometimes plopping him into his crate
4)ignoring him (but it hurts too much)
5) a little scream (but that makes him more excited)
6) a bitter type spray
7) offer of a treat for a nice sit (which he will happily do)(yum)
8)leaving the room
9) silence
10) keeping him quiet sometimes works better than gettting overexcited
11) facecloths that are soaked in water,tied into a knot and frozen are a good chew
12) always remembering that this too shall pass and it's all for a good cause

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