Monday, 5 September 2011

heads up!

Our boys are home. They arrived into Punta Cana as  Irene was screaming through the U.S. and left as Katia was beginning her climb above the Island (thankfully not over any land).
Now I note another storm brewing in the Atlantic.
I am not scared of this weather (well, maybe a little) just very mindful and respectful. Damage was done where it was perhaps the least expected-in Vermont. Water sluicing with powerhouse force damaged roads,standed people and destroyed much loved covered bridges. Surprisingly it seemed to pass more easily through the coastal areas.
By being prepared to evacuate if necessary & listening to weather watches and warnings you can avoid (hopefully) being caught without supplies,food and a safe place for protection until it passes.
 Have a plan.

Earlier this summer I bought myself a dedicated weather radio.
It only gives weather alerts. I'm still waiting for one. I would say that's a good thing.
We also have a crank radio,extra batteries, a great little lantern that holds one voitive candle. The sides are glass and it protects the careless, kids, elderly and  curious cats from flame. I know where the matches are, don't remember if I have a manual can opener (better check that out) and I know how to "cook" on the BBQ.
Big problem though- I grind my coffee beans every day-will I smash them wrapped in a tea towel with a hammer? drive the car over them? roll the computer chair back and forth?  Gotta think on this one...............or can I buy a manual bean grinder?
I will have my coffee.

Pup in two weeks.

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