Saturday, 13 August 2011

what it means

It's tough deciding how to explain what betterweatherahead is about.
Much more than weather & dogs.
A simple life that is passing too quickly. Understanding has begun,allbeit with
stumpling, awkward hesitation that I did the best I could in my ignorance.
This is not to blame but to appreciate the absolute importance that parents
have in forming their children`s lives. 
After that realization, stop blaming and get on with your life.

Today we had a perfect day. All went well. sweet drive to the water and slow walks in the sun, Watched children as if they were our own, enjoyed seeing other people`s dogs play in the water. Didn`t spend a lot of money on lousy food- a sub,fruit drinks and water was perfectly satisfying. We(never in my life has this happened) got into the liquer store with 3 minutes to spare to buy beer. Silly for me, It felt unplanned and that was good.

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