Friday, 19 August 2011

a very happy cat ,a very happy cat, a very happy cat

Our 11 year old orange cat

-who does a few rounds with the postman each week, who sits in the middle of a neighbours front lawn while the kids play "war" (yes kids do that-still) and they argued if the cat should be on the "other side" (and quickly decided NO- he was too nice a cat so he would just be an observer). Anywhere from 3-7 young boys playing and the occasional kid sister-who holds her own quite well-and he sits right smack in the middle. Grooming his lovely orange coat.

is a very happy cat.

 He gets our undivided attention, doesn't have to jump over gates,
no silly puppy nosing him into wet fur chaos, the cat food remains the cat food with no pup inhaling the delectable smelly pieces of premium lamb. He now goes for walks with just me (no "person-sharing") and doesn't have to balance on the curb (not hard for a cat) needing to be as far away from the dog as possible.
He now spends all afternoon curled in his basket by the patio door. Heaven.
His playfulness has returned. Rolling on his back by the sofa. begging to be tummy tickled, running away, coming back for more. He does this only with my husband.
With me he cuddles (as much as on orange cat likes to be cuddled, which isn't much)
stares into my eyes. Sympatico.  We adore each other.

He doesn't know.  And I am not saying a word.

New pup in 30 days.

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