Wednesday, 10 August 2011

real feelings

I don't know anyone else who blogs. How do I have a discussion on why we do this public exposure conversation?
Diaries have been around for eons. I still have mine from high school and am way too embarrassed to actually open it up.The lock has never worked. Well I opened it once,
and still have acute blushes of denial that I was so bloody stupid over one guy with green eyes and black hair.           never again.
This weekend we are going to go through over 15 files folders of ancient (some of it 30 years old) receipts,bills and warranties of items we don't even remember and burn them. I'll get that diary burned with them too.

Is blogging a form of sharing or is it selfish ?   Are we being artistic? creative?
Maybe it's just for fun and we can never find a pen and the keyboard is closer.
So it really comes down to being lazy.

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