Thursday, 11 August 2011

puppy tip

old towels
lots      of      them
The 2nd pup, who unfortunately had "puppy strangles" peed a lot. Somedays it was like an open tap. We went for 5 months without sleeping through the night.
This little boy was so ill. But we worked hard and nursed him back to health with
buckets of prednisone (pee hazard), antibiotics and topical creams for the pustules.
He had no energy or strength, some days getting to the end of the driveway was torturous for him. It was hard to watch. He improved slowly.
To wipe up the pee I bought a lot of old towels from a RRR (reduce/reuse/recyle place) washed them in hot water and some bleach. We kept a pile of them handy for the "oops" and then put them a bucket to be washed at the end of the day. These towels were great to have and so much better than using paper towels.
Pup was re-called at 10 months and other than some scarring on his face (pustules again) he had very good energy and manners. He was d'qd as a service dog not only because of his health history but he also had grade 2 elbows. Last I heard he was on a farm and having  grand life. I now think he was meant to be with us for that short period of time.

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