Monday, 8 August 2011

part 2-leaving well enough alone

Design fixed. I'll learn how to add stuff interesting links,videos & photos.
I am proud I did it without the big meltdown that I expected.
There will be times when I will be itching to change this design, however I'll sit on my hands until the urge passes.

I worked the weekend.
I love my job.
I like meeting different people from all over the country (and beyond). Educating,advising,comforting,reassuring,monitoring,watching (like a hawk),
documenting,listening,sharing and most of all seeing each new group actually start to believe that everything we tell them is for their own good their benefit.
Pain control is # 1. Believe me. Take the offered analgesic.
Ice packs can be helpful. Don't sit for longer than an hour. Keep walking.
Drink lots of water. Follow that prune juice with a cup of hot boiled water. It works.
Most significant, please be 100% honest with your medical history. It can make a huge difference.

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