Monday, 1 August 2011

night walks

Night walks without a large lab at my side take courage.  The companionship makes for a perfect walk. I walk and feel restored. Night air makes me feel like a teenager.  I have walked for many years. It gives me strength and time to think. Plus it makes me tired.
I like putting onefootinfrontoftheother.
My best walks and the ones I most enjoy are when it's raining or in a full-out blizzard.
Even the dogs like it. Our eyelids get coated with freezing rain. The dogs get clumps of ice caught in between their pads and shake a leg in anxiety. The first time this happened I thought pup had injured a leg. We stop, I tell them I can fix this and scoop out that nasty piece of ice and the walk continues. We trudge together. Back home we dry off and I feel satisfied that we have exercised.
Periodically I wonder what will happen when I can't walk anymore. What will happen when I'm like my mum (now 93)  and that walker will just get me to the bathroom.

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