Thursday, 25 August 2011

I just want to answer my phone

I had to get a new cell phone as I destroyed the screen on a easy to use with nice big numbers, 3+ year old flip-top last weekend at work.
Here I am up until almost 2 a.m. learning how to use the darn thing.
It's charged-that took me 20 minutes to figure out (it came with no instructions-so I had to google Samsung 551 & found an interactive demo on using it)
I have already sent and received 4 texts to my boys in Punta Cana (they're fine, having a great time. but why aren't they in bed?)  : )
this new G4 touch screen with a  QWERTY keyboard gives me WIFI when I'm
swore I'd never use it
I am already infatuated
FM radio!    cool

But I don't know how to answer this phone & it's too late to start calling it
please let me figure out how to turn the sound off by the time I work nights tomorrow night!

Lady Irene is moving north -let's hope she just gets lost in the great Atlantic

be safe

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