Tuesday, 30 August 2011

four pups who changed our lives & the cat who tolerated them

our very first foster pup  Graduated CVC (Canine Vision)
and is "working well".
 We receive regular communication/ updates & photos.
second pup- we nursed him for 6 months as he recovered from "puppy strangles"
unable to be a service dog, he is now enjoying life on a farm.
Our third pup is presently a Seizure Response dog for a young boy
*we almost knew what we were doing with this pup!*
This photo shows a sleepy boy in the car during a long trip.
I had 4 horrible ruptured discs in my lower back-after 5 months I was able
to do road trips as long as I lay in the back seat.
It was bearable for the 41/2 hour trip with
such special companionship.
This fourth pup is presently
(the two photos show him soon after we got him and then ready for recall)
 in the Canine Vision program
and reports are-as he starts his training- he will be a star!
We really bonded with this boy & would have loved to keep him
but he has bigger things planned!
We miss him terribly.
THE CAT- who doesn't know another pup is due soon

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