Monday, 15 August 2011

driving in the rain with sunglasses

No way did I believe this but it works if they are polarized. I read an article about a trucker who swore his vision was greatly improved (this was in a car magazine) wearing his sunglasses during severe storms. I've tried it a few times and found that I could more easily distinguish the variations of grey,gray,black and ink black with polarized glasses,plus I could follow the red tail lights of the vehicle ahead of me. PLUS all those small scattered red lights around the back of tractor trailers are more visible.
 My eldest son was a lifeguard/swim instructor for a few years in high school (before he went off to do "science") and in grade 10 he thoroughly bugged me for these expensive glasses.  WHAT? HOW MUCH?   YOU THINK I"M MADE OF MONEY?
We compromised, a birthday gift and birthday money bought him his first pair.
They lasted a year before being lost,which was good for him. He told me lifeguards don't watch every single kid (they can't) they scan the pool constantly and look for unusual stillness and variation on motion that is different from a previous scan,intuition is to be listened to,and shadows are important.  These glasses were the lifeguards most important tool.
Two years ago I had to drive west at sunset, across a fast multi lane highway (I am not a good highway driver if there are a lot of trucks). I was on my way to see my 3rd foster pup graduate as a seizure response dog for an 11 year old boy.
I was nervous of meeting the boy and seeing my sweet pup again. I knew I would cry.
A sudden heavy,dark,very windy storm hit just at the top of the city where traffic is the most dense and very fast. It's not the speed that is a problem -my comfort speed is 120-130 in good weather with not a lot of crowd around me. It was brutal and scary for me.
As I already had these brand new polarized glasses on I kept them on  and oh WOW,
gradients of grey were startling in their differences. Instead of the road and sky and other vehicles, especially the trailers all being one blob of dark, they all looked different. They were separate. I could see and so easily follow the truck well ahead of me.I could see the car beside me. The truck's lights were a solid glow of red and beckoned me forward. (guess I had to trust he would stay between the lines!) As I got toward my off ramp, the rain stopped and the clouds fractured and that setting sun blew such an orange glow at all of us on the highway that it was blinding and I already had the sunglasses on !
Seeing pup and his client was awesome. The mum can now sleep at night knowing pup is with with her sweet boy and watching for these nasty night seizures. Pup will "alert" when they occur and give comfort to a wonderful courageous young man

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